Pursuing the Excellent Life
March 15, 2023

Practical Wisdom and Living a Flourishing Life

Practical wisdom isn’t some esoteric, abstract concept, it’s eminently practical, and it’s critical to living a flourishing life. In this episode, Craig discusses what practical wisdom is, and how you can start cultivating and practicing practical wisdom in your daily life. Practicing practical wisdom will help you live a life that's better aligned with your values and purpose, and with the virtues you seek. Craig offers some specific practices that can help you develop your practical wisdom through self-knowledge, conscious awareness, and practice.

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The theme music for Live Well and Flourish was written by Hazel Crossler, hazel.crossler@gmail.com

Live Well and Flourish website: https://www.livewellandflourish.com/

The theme music for Live Well and Flourish was written by Hazel Crossler, hazel.crossler@gmail.com.

Production assistant - Paul Robert